Gold – a store of value

Our aim at Troy has always been to preserve our investors’ hard-earned capital and increase its value in real terms over the long term.

9 mins

Troy UK Equity Income – Protect & Grow No.10

The re-emergence of the Chinese economy onto the global stage has been one of the dominant themes for markets since I began my investment career in 2007. It is hard to believe that it was as recent as 2006 that China’s nominal GDP overtook the UK’s!

8 mins

Troy Global Equity Newsletter No.17

The start of any new year is an opportunity to reflect on the present and make resolutions for the future. This year the opportunity is made all the greater by the passage (at the end of 2023) of the Troy Global Equity Strategy’s 10-year anniversary

8 mins

Income Matters No.6

This piece explores the greater focus given by investors to a company’s environmental footprint and its relationship with all stakeholders.

10 mins

Trojan Global Equity Fund Newsletter No.16

Stocks for life, not just for Christmas Gabrielle’s household has a new member. Ida is a 12-week-old Labrador…

9 mins

Troy UK Equity Income – Protect & Grow No.9

Prioritising sustainable dividend growth over high yield A key pillar to the quality approach to equity income we…

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Special Paper No.12

As long as the music is playing, you’ve got to get up and dance. We’re still dancing Chuck…

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Troy UK Equity Income – Protect & Grow No.8

With high interest rates, stubborn inflation, declining house prices, and alarmist media headlines, it is no wonder that negative sentiment hangs over the UK equity market.

2 mins

Trojan Global Equity Fund Newsletter No.15

The past few years have felt a bit like watching a movie in fast forward.

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Troy UK Equity Income – Protect & Grow No. 7

It has been a positive start to the year for markets – almost every major equity index is up year to date. Nevertheless, we are mindful of the consequences of the fastest interest rate hiking cycle in over forty years.

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