Investment Report No. 79

After a very different sort of year in 2022, much of the market was caught off guard in 2023 by a showstopping performance from the share prices of a handful of technology companies.

5 mins

Investment Report No.78

In September, the yield on the 10-year US Treasury bond reached 4.8%, its highest level since 2007.  This coincided with, or rather precipitated, weakness across asset classes. 

5 mins

Investment Report No.77

We are slowly emerging from a prolonged period of distortion born of zero interest rates.

11 mins

Far From the Finishing Post – Kiril Sokoloff (13D Research)

Kiril Sokoloff founded 13D Research in 1983 and is a leading global investment strategist who has presciently called a number of major paradigm shifts over the last 40 years. We discuss Kiril’s career, why the current investment backdrop is so challenging and how the geopolitical landscape is evolving.

42 mins

Investment Report No.76

Mixed Messages The past few weeks are confirmation, if any was needed, that there are consequences of rapidly…

11 mins

Special Paper No.11

Discount Control Mechanisms Keeping Control The discount is voluntary Robin Angus, Director of Personal Assets Trust 1984-2020 With…

15 mins

Investment Report No.75

A down year “Sell when you can; you are not for all markets.” As You Like It, William…

11 mins

Investment Report No.74

T.I.N.A. R.I.P. If the old, and tried, and safe investments no longer yield their accustomed returns, we must…

11 mins

Investment Report No.73

The past six months have seen the worst start to the year for global equities since 1970.  The MSCI World Index NR is down -20.3% in US dollars (-11.4% expressed in a weaker sterling).  Those seeking diversification and solace in ‘lower risk’ bonds suffered almost as badly as yields rose and credit spreads ballooned.

11 mins

Investment Report No.72

Markets in 2022 certainly feel very different from 2021. Investors have woken to the prospect of rising interest rates and tighter financial conditions, driven by higher inflation, and are adjusting their requirements for returns accordingly.

13 mins