Personal Assets Trust

Troy Asset Management Limited was appointed investment adviser to Personal Assets Trust on 3rd March 2009 and investment manager to the trust on 1st May 2020.


Investment Manager
Sebastian Lyon
Assistant Manager
Charlotte Yonge
Trust Objective
Personal Assets Trust is an investment trust with the ability to invest globally. Its investment policy is to protect and increase (in that order) the value of shareholders' funds per share over the long term.
Trust Style
  • Personal Assets is run for private investors, who may often have committed to it a substantial proportion of their personal wealth. Its activities are defined not by any particular portfolio specialisation or investment method, but by a desire to satisfy the personal requirements of those who invest in it.
  • The Board's definition of "risk" is fundamentally different from that commonly used, ours being "risk of losing money" rather than "volatility of returns relative to an index". The Board will usually, although not invariably, prefer the Company's portfolio as a whole to have a lower level of risk than the FTSE All-Share Index.
  • The Company's policy is to ensure that its shares always trade at close to net asset value through a combination of share buybacks at a small discount to net asset value and the issue of new or Treasury shares at a small premium to net asset value where demand exceeds supply.
Date Listed
Trust Dealings
For more information on Personal Assets Trust, please refer to the website or contact us.
If you would like to invest in Personal Assets Trust, please contact Steven Budge on 0131 538 6602.

Personal Assets Trust PLC

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