Fraud alerts

Troy takes the threat of fraud very seriously.  We urge all investors to stay alert to the dangers of investment fraud, even if documents or websites refer to genuine products and appear legitimate, investors should exercise extreme caution. Troy will take no responsibility for any potential losses you may incur as a result of investment fraud.

In an attempt to help investors identify fraudulent activity where the fraudsters are using details which could potentially be linked to Troy or any of the funds managed by Troy, we provide a list below of fraudulent activity of which we are aware and deemed appropriate to warn investors of.  Please note, this list may not include all fraudulent activity linked to Troy and Troy takes no responsibility for any potential losses you may incur as a result of investment fraud. If you are unsure regarding the legitimacy of any communications purporting to be from Troy or relating to Troy products, please contact [email protected]

Please be aware that Troy will never contact members of the public to make any payments to us over the phone or via email in relation to making an investment. 

Further information on protecting yourself from scams can be found on the FCA website Alternatively you can report scams to the FCA at

June 2021

Troy Asset Management Limited (“Troy”) became aware that fraudsters were using the trading name “Trojan Funds” in an attempt to defraud the public.  The fraudulent URL ( was being used and emails are also being sent to members of the public in an attempt to commit investment fraud. We confirm that the trading name and email address which the fraudsters are using ([email protected]) are not linked with Troy or any funds managed by Troy, including Trojan Investment Funds and Trojan Funds (Ireland) plc.  Troy does not have any affiliation with “Trojan Funds” and has notified the relevant authorities of this scam, for further details, please see

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