Charitable Giving

Covid-19 Response

In response to the far reaching impact of the Coronavirus crisis, and the profound effect it has had on the most vulnerable in society, Troy took the decision to materially increase the funds available for charitable contributions with immediate effect.  As a result we have been able to help a number of charities doing excellent work dealing with the second order effects of the crisis.  These include:


Troy Asset Management has an established policy of supporting charitable causes. Each year, Troy’s Board sets a budget for the Charity Committee.
James Harries, a member of Troy’s Executive Committee, currently chairs the Charity Committee and is supported by Nick Clary, Hetal Patel, Henry Foster and Phil Holdaway (the Committee Secretary).
The main responsibilities of the Committee are to:
  • Meet with and support worthwhile charities
  • Raise awareness about the charities we currently donate to
  • Encourage Troy employees to volunteer
  • Respond to sponsorship requests
  • Manage the charity budget

The charities which Troy prefers to support usually have common traits including:
  • They are run by passionate volunteers and organisers
  • They make a little money go a long way
  • They understand the issues and are seeking long-term resolutions, rather than temporary cures
  • They tend to be smaller charities where Troy’s donations can make a big difference
  • They are able to account for every penny donated


Some of the charities which Troy is proud to have supported in 2020 include:



Girls Are INvestors

Additionally, Troy is a founding sponsor of GAIN (Girls Are INvestors), a charity co-founded by Charlotte Yonge, the Fund Manager of the Trojan Ethical Fund. GAIN aims to promote diversity within the fund management industry by increasing the number of female applicants for entry-level investment roles. GAIN informs young women with online resources, bringing helpful information on careers in investment to their fingertips. They inspire young women with a strong network of female role models, who speak in secondary schools and universities around the UK and feature on online channels, delivering compelling and high-impact messages on the many benefits of investing as a career.

Employee Engagement

Each year Troy allocates a proportion of the Charity Committee budget to enable each member of staff to donate to a registered charity of their choice, preferably a local charity to them or one that has a particular interest to them.
In addition, a group of employees selected by rotation may nominate another registered charity to which Troy will make an additional seasonal donation.
Troy also supports charitable fundraising efforts by members of the staff, on a matched funding basis, up to £1,000 per staff member per year.
Employees are encouraged to be actively involved in fundraising activities and each employee is offered one paid day of leave a year for fundraising and volunteering.

Nathan Ghann with his prize certificate

Since 2017 Troy has supported Launch It, a charity that supports and empowers young people to fulfil their potential by providing the workspace, mentoring and training needed to set up a business.
In 2019, Troy organised a ‘Pitch Perfect’ event which involved 10 young entrepreneurs working with small groups of Troy employees to prepare pitches for prizes provided by the firm. At the end of the day the 10 entrepreneurs faced a ‘Dragon’s Den’ panel comprised of senior staff.

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The Charity Committee are always interested to meet well run, targeted charities where our financial help could make a material difference.

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The Payroll Giving Quality Mark is awarded in recognition of an organisation’s commitment in fostering a culture of philanthropy and committed giving in the workplace, by promoting Payroll Giving to the very highest standard. Payroll Giving is a unique and valued form of fundraising because it provides charities with regular income and helps them plan ahead effectively. Troy has achieved the top Platinum Award reflecting our high participation rate.