Culture and Diversity



Troy’s unique heritage has defined key aspects of its culture, and Troy’s independence - and a very conscious and deliberate effort by management - has served to retain these points of differentiation and advantage notwithstanding the firm’s success and growth.

The culture is one of intellectual honesty, curiosity and independent thinking. The views of each Investment Team member are respected and considered equally worthy; ideas are freely promoted and assumptions are similarly challenged with the benefit of improving the team’s understanding of each investment idea. It is the strength of the idea that matters, with the best ideas rising to the top through these team interactions.

As the materiality of environmental and social risks and opportunities has increased, and the availability of data has improved, both our ability to integrate such factors into our research and the imperative to do so has increased commensurately. This has proved a natural evolution which integrates at all levels with our emphasis on understanding both the long-term risks and opportunities presented by any potential investment.

As long-term investors, patience is a virtue we seek to cultivate and reward. Performance objectives at the Strategy, team and individual level are commensurately long-term. We have created a stimulating intellectual environment that more closely resembles a library than a trading floor, allowing team members to carry out deep research into areas deemed to be of interest.

Our long holding periods and low staff turnover combine to deliver an unusually high level of in-house accumulated knowledge across the team. We believe this leads to a culture of enhanced challenge and consequently better decision making.


Since Troy’s inception 20 years ago, great effort has been taken to build a motivated, insightful and curious team. We believe that a diverse team fuels innovative thinking, and Troy promotes an open exchange of ideas and points of view in an environment of respect, where all employees feel valued and empowered to contribute to investment decisions.

Girls Are INvestors

Troy is a founding sponsor of GAIN (Girls Are INvestors), a charity co-founded by Charlotte Yonge, the Fund Manager of the Trojan Ethical Fund. GAIN aims to promote diversity within the fund management industry by increasing the number of female applicants for entry-level investment roles. GAIN informs young women with online resources, bringing helpful information on careers in investment to their fingertips. They inspire young women with a strong network of female role models, who speak in secondary schools and universities around the UK and feature on online channels, delivering compelling and high-impact messages on the many benefits of investing as a career.