7 Feb 2022

Money Makeover: 'How do I invest £56,000 for my 18-year-old daughter?'

Our reader needs help investing a trust fund for her 18-year-old daughter.
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3 Feb 2022

Firing line: “Working in a smaller team is liberating”

When Gabrielle Boyle arrived in London in 1990, the City was a very different experience for both Irish people and for women starting in fund management.
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2 Feb 2022

Five multi-asset funds to consider for your ISA

What funds should an investor consider for their ISA? In this article, What Investment asked five market commentators for their multi-asset fund picks.
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12 Nov 2021

Why this risk-averse fund house embraced the FAANGs

Gabrielle Boyle of the Trojan Global Equity fund says adapting to a changing competitive landscape is a vital component of what makes a quality business.
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