How To Invest

You can invest in Trojan FundTrojan Ethical FundTrojan Income FundTrojan Ethical Income FundTrojan Global Equity FundTrojan Global Income Fund or Trojan Ethical Global Income Fund, in one of three ways:

  • Contact Link Fund Administrators Limited on 0345 608 0950 or by post at PO Box 389, Unit 1, Roundhouse Road, Darlington, DL1 9UF, UK to request a copy of the Additional Investor Information Document and Application Form
  • Invest through your broker or financial adviser
  • Invest via the online platforms below

Important information for U.S. persons

The securities described on this website are neither available nor offered in the United States of America (including the District of Columbia or any other territory occupied or possessed by the United States of America) or to U.S. persons (including residents of the United States of America, residents within an area subject to its jurisdiction and U.S. persons who are resident outside the United States of America).

Information for Distributors

If you wish to receive target market information or information on the identified distribution strategy please send an email to [email protected] confirming the name of the fund about which you are interested in receiving information.

Troy does not provide investment advice or make personal recommendations so you need to decide if an investment is suitable for you. Before taking the decision to invest in a fund, please read the relevant Key Investor Information Document and Prospectus, English language versions of which are available by way of this website or on request. If you wish to obtain advice about the suitability for you, or have any doubt about the suitability for you, of products managed by Troy, you should contact a financial adviser.


The Trojan Investment Funds are available online.




Trojan Funds (Ireland)

Contact Link Fund Administrators (Ireland) Limited on +353 (0) 1 400 5300 or by post at 2 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2, Ireland to request an Application Form.


Please see the link below for further information.


Please see the relevant link below for further information.