Troy Income & Growth Trust

Troy Asset Management Limited was appointed Investment Manager of Troy Income & Growth Trust (formerly Glasgow Income Trust) on 1st August 2009.


Blake Hutchins
Hugo Ure
Assistant Manager
Fergus McCorkell
Trust Objective
Troy Income & Growth Trust aims to generate an attractive income yield, with potential for income and capital growth, by investing in a portfolio of predominantly UK equities.
Trust Style
  • An actively managed equity income strategy with a focus on generating low volatility returns.
  • The portfolio is constructed without reference to benchmarks and with careful consideration of the absolute risk posed by each investment.
  • The Trust invests predominantly in UK equities but may also invest in overseas equities, fixed income securities, preference shares, cash and other UK listed investment companies.
  • Derivatives may be used for the purposes of efficient portfolio management which includes the hedging of currency risk.
  • The Trust operates a strict discount control policy which seeks to ensure that the shares trade at, or close to, net asset value at all times.
  • Leverage may be used in a tactical and flexible manner to enhance returns.
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Trust Dealings
For more information on the Troy Income & Growth Trust, please refer to the website or contact us.
If you would like to invest in the Troy Income & Growth Trust, please contact Steven Budge on 0131 538 6610.

Troy Income and Growth Trust

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