How To Invest

Trojan Investment Funds
You can invest in one of the Trojan Investment Funds, the Trojan Fund, Trojan Income Fund, Trojan Global Equity Fund or Spectrum Fund, in one of three ways:

  • Complete an application form which can be downloaded here and return it to Capita Financial, who administer the Funds. You can also call their dedicated dealing line on 0845 608 0950.

  • Click here to download the Trojan Investment Funds Full Prospectus

  • Invest through a broker or your financial adviser

  • Invest through one of the following platforms:
  - Aegon
  - Alliance Trust Savings
  - Ascentric
  - Aviva
  - Axa
  - Bestinvest
  - Cofunds
  - Fidelity FundsNetwork™
  - Hargreaves Lansdown
  - James Hay
  - Novia Financial
  - Nucleus Financial
  - Old Mutual
  - Raymond James
  - SEI
  - Seven Investment Management
  - Standard Life
  - Transact
  - Zurich Life

The minimum investment for each of these Funds is currently £1000, unless the Fund is closed to new investors.


Investment Trusts

If you wish to invest in our Investment Trusts details of how to do so can be found on their websites or contact Steven Budge on 0131 538 6602.


Personal Assets Trust


Troy Income and Growth Trust