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Our fees are transparent.

We do not charge performance fees, we seek to keep trading costs to a minimum and many of the administrative costs related to the funds’ management are not passed onto our investors. Our investors therefore experience lower overall expenses in the management of their capital. Each ongoing charges figure ('OCF') below includes the annual management charge ('AMC') from which our investment management fees are paid.

Trojan FundOngoing Charges Figure
'O' (ordinary) shares 1.02%
'I' (intermediary) shares 1.52%
'S' (charity) shares 0.77%
Trojan Income FundOngoing Charges Figure
'O' (ordinary) shares 1.02%
'I' (intermediary) shares 1.52%
'S' (charity) shares 0.77%
Trojan Ethical Income FundOngoing Charges Figure*
'O' (ordinary) shares 1.15%
'I' (intermediary) shares 1.65%
'S' (charity) shares 0.90%
Trojan Global Equity FundOngoing Charges Figure**
'O' (ordinary) shares 0.93%
'I' (intermediary) shares 1.43%
'S' (charity) shares 0.83%
Trojan Global Income FundOngoing Charges Figure**
'O' (ordinary) shares 1.00%
'I' (intermediary) shares 1.50%
'S' (charity) shares 0.90%
Spectrum FundOngoing Charges Figure
'O' (ordinary) shares 1.50%
'I' (intermediary) shares 2.00%
Trojan Feeder Fund (Ireland)Ongoing Charges Figure
'O' (ordinary) shares 1.18%
'I' (intermediary) shares 1.68%***
Trojan Income Feeder Fund (Ireland)Ongoing Charges Figure
'O' (ordinary) shares 1.17%


Any new direct investors in the Trojan Fund, the Trojan Income Fund and the funds within Trojan Funds (Ireland) may be subject to a 5% preliminary charge and a minimum investment of £250,000 (or 250,000 of the relevant currency).

*The ongoing charges figures for Trojan Ethical Income Fund are estimates of the charges because the fund did not launch until January 2016

**The ongoing charges figures for Trojan Global Equity Fund are estimates of the charges because there was a reduction in the fund's AMC in July 2016

***The ongoing charges figure for Class I Shares of Trojan Feeder Fund (Ireland) is an estimate of the charges because the share classes did not launch until August 2016

How to Invest

You may invest directly, via a broker or adviser, or through a number of online fund platforms.

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Explanation of Terms

In addition to the annual management charge ("AMC"), funds incur other costs including administration, depository, custody, regulatory and audit fees. Troy absorbs many of these on investors’ behalf which results in a lower overall cost basis for our funds when compared to many of our peers. These costs are predominantly of a fixed nature and they therefore shrink as a percentage of a fund’s assets as a fund grows in size. The ongoing charges (previously termed Total Expense Ratio or TER) are the charges you will pay over a year as long as you hold your investment and ongoing charges are quoted as a percentage of the relevant fund’s assets and refer to the AMC plus certain additional costs, which are not absorbed by Troy. They exclude transaction costs, except in the case of an entry/exit charge paid by a fund when buying or selling units in another collective investment scheme.